REI Partners, Inc.
to invest with us, is to invest in a safe, repeatable process
Company Profile

REI Partners was established in 2012 to buy, refurbish and sell properties using a safe and proven approach.  Our management teams' background in government contracts, retail sales and education allows us to strategically focus on detail, risk mitigation and return on investment (ROI).  Our successful experience in a variety of industries has led us to conclude that investing in real estate is the best method to obtain true wealth.  Our systematic, hands-off approach, gives our partners the advantage of minimal interaction with the investments, except to collect their ROI. 

Current Opportuntiies:

1. Do you have capital to lend? Would you like a min 10% ROI?
2. Do you own or know of properties for sale that are under value?
3. Do you know a Realtor or General Contractor who is a Rock Star?

If you answered yes to any of the above, contact us at 703-819-9679.

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